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Is it possible to customize the DetailsView completely? Or can I specify my own template for it?
I've seen that it is possible to disable or enable it, but the out of the box DetailsView is not what we are looking for

Yes it is possible to customize the details view. You can use the following example as a starting point:


Changing MFSideMenu options after setup

I'm using the library MFSideMenu and able to set it up correctly. However some pages I want to change some of its options(setting options after setup doesn't seem possible). For example I want to turn off MFSideMenu on a login screen. How could I do this?
in your viewDidLoad for your LoginVC:
[self.navigationController.sideMenu setPanMode:MFSideMenuPanModeNone];
should do the trick.

Set the Segment control unselected

I have a problem, I want my UISegment controls to start all unselected when the app loads.
If someone can help on this matter I would be very thankful.
Best Regards.
[mySegmentControl setSelectedSegmentIndex:-1];
[mySegmentControl setSelectedSegmentIndex:UISegmentedControlNoSegment];
It's all in the apple docs too.
Just uncheck Selected checkbox from property
At the start after initializing your segmentedcontrol you can use
it will erase any selected index.
I hope it helps

Change the text of UISwitch

I want to change the switch control text YES/NO in place of ON/OFF , i am not know is it possible or not. if its possible and any one know about it please help me?
I think its not possible to change the text of switch in proper way, but every problem has minimum one solution so for your problem you have to create the custom switch control
for help download the code from
1 :
2 :
3 : help check this also
There is no way to change this two values in easy way.
You can look here:
but this solution make custom UISwitch which got other graphics
I currently use this open source library called RCSwitch . Much more robust than the others mentioned.

How to Create the Highlight/Note Popup Buttons from the iPhone Kindle

I am wondering how Amazon did the highlight/note popup buttons in the Kindle app. After reading about UIPasteboard, UIMenuController, UIResponder, and UIResponderStandardEditActions, I am able to turn on or off standard edit actions (i.e. copy, cut, paste, select, and selectAll). However I haven't found a way to add a custom action yet. I would really appreciate it if I could get a pointer.
Thanks in advance!
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It looks like Amazon implemented their own custom view that mimicked the appearance of UIMenuController. I believe they did this rather than use SPI because if you click and hold on the Highlight cell, the arrow does not highlight, when it does in the real UIMenuController.
I don’t think there is a public interface to these controls, you’d probably have to code them yourself. (Or maybe figure out the private API, but that’s a slippery slope.) I am not sure about that, though, maybe somebody will prove me wrong.
That's a good point about the arrow part of the Notes/Highlight popup menu not highlighting, so they must be implementing their own.
However they are also obviously using a UIWebView, because it's recognizing tap and hold and they can highlight the text, and you can't get touch events from a UIWebView, much less get the information about what's selected. So how are they doing that?
This would be very useful for us to be able to do as well.
Use DTMenuController
Costs 100 EUR ^_^
Custom menu items can be added via the UIMenuController's menuItems property. See Apple's UIMenuController docs.
the javascript part can be managed with jQuery, that's a fair simple and powerful library. i'm using it for resizing and rearranging things in a webview and it works great :)

How do you programatically remove (not disable) a button from TinyMCE?

I can disable the table button using this:
but what I'm interested in is actually hiding it. Any idea on how to accomplish that?
Thank you!
First, you have to use the advanced theme.
Then, add this option in the TinyMCE init code.
theme_advanced_disable : "bold, justifyleft, justifyright"
I hope this might help someone.
list of elements' name here
I'm not familiar with TinyMCE myself, but since you appear to have javascript access to the element itself, all you need to do is set it's display property to "none".
document.getElementById("theButton").style.display = "none";
incase ur trying to hide a specific button, use the following code.
$('.mce_cut').hide() //hides cut button
lookup other button titles using firebug in case u wish to hide something specific.
Incase you are looking to hide specific editor's button, modifiy the jquery selector to select correct sibling/descendent.
alternately, try this ..
Note that ctl00_SPWebPartManager1_g_5005db96_e035_4197_a958_75f008b35061_ctl00_tbKeywords is my control's id. Don't bother about this if ur not using serverside textbox control. In case you are.. <% theTextBoxID.ClientID %> gets u that.
Use the following (using jQuery; a non-jQuery approch is easily built):
var elem = $('_'+'divId_table')