How to link blog to the product page on app - flutter

I am developing a flutter app for e-commerce and so I am creating the blog page.
On the blog page I want to place the links to the product page of the mobile shopping application,I mean the product is available on the app and not on the website, i understand if the app is not installed the link will redirect to the appstore, but if the app is already installed how the link will lead to the product page on the app? how can I do that?
the backend we are using is Azure with Cosmos DB.


Implement facebook pixel flutter

I am trying to integrate Facebook pixel in my ecommerce flutter app to show ads according to customers search behavior but could not get any documentation or library for flutter. How can I integrate facbook pixel in Flutter app?
Facebook Pixel is strictly for webapps, but for native app development, Facebook SDK is required.
Flutter Facebook Login Package will provide you, not only the login but also the required SDK.
Next up, you probably want Facebook_App_Events Package, which is going to help you in sending tracked data to FB, for eg. when a person clicks to watch a video on your app or makes a purchase etc.
An app event is an action that takes place in your app or on your web page such as a person installing your app or completing a purchase. Facebook App Events allows you to track these events to view analytics, measure ad performance, and build audiences for ad targeting.

Linking Ecommerce app with existing Ecommerce store

Currently designed the UI of an Ecommerce app I am developing from an existing Shopify Store. I took my designs to Supernova(the design to code platform) and was wondering how I could incorporate Shopify API in the app so I can display my products in the app and it is linked to the Shopify Store. Hope someone can help me with this?
Get yourself into the Storefront API. You can connect your Flutter shop to your Shopify store and do checkouts with it.

Configuring AIR for desktop as Facebook Application

Creating an AIR desktop application that has the ability to upload images to a Facebook user's account.
Even though this is a desktop application, in order to integrate with Facebook you need to embed a 'webview'. So I am confused as to how I should define this on Facebook? From Facebook's point of view, is this a web application or a desktop application?
“Desktop apps should submit a Web platform and include detailed screenshots or a screencast of the integration.”
Choose a dummy address for the Website platform (such as http://localhost/), and mention the fact that this is not actually a website app, but a desktop app, very explicitly in your review instructions.

Facebook mobile: link to external app?

Imagine you want to create a contest app for Facebook using the SaaS approach.
So, you create the app and let business pages FB users to install it in a custom tab. Using the facebook context information (user_id, page_id, etc) it is easy to index the account in the database to the FB instalation).
Now imagine that you want to put the same app available to the Facebook mobile app. As far as i know, FB mobile app does not suport custom tabs right? So the contest app could not be 'hosted' in a custom tab...
Does Facebook mobile App has any place where the contest app could be 'hosted/linked' in order that mobile users of that business page could see it and use it?
If so, how to register/install/link the contest app to that business page in mobile FB?
Thanks a lot

How to submit data from my iphone apps to my Facebook wall by titanium

I am new with titanium. I have made iPhone apps by titanium which show a product list. If a click on it it brings a details page as every normal apps. I need to know about process if I want to submit the product details from my app to my Facebook wall. I studied about the Facebook API for titanium, but I am bit of confused about the process because I am new with titanium and Facebook application. Please help me.
You can find built in facebook integration on Titanium Kitchen Sink example app. Here is the link of git repository
Titanium Kitchen Sink Facebook Example