How to make FiveM Server public - router

I want to make my FiveM server public, without paying anything. But, I don't have access to my routers password etc. So, is there anyway I can still do this? (I already tried
I'm expecting to have my server up by tonight.


GitHub page 'Your connection is not private'

I have searched for this and found answers that do not work in my case. I would appreciate some thoughts on this
I have set up a github page at:
Some users reported that when they visit the page, an error about security is displayed, like this on Chrome:
- However, many users say it works ok for them.
I have found some sources say that this only happens if your link contains 'https' instead of 'http', but tested on two computers, one mobile phone and one tablet they both work fine. I also found source that say I should use GitHub page's https support, and I checked my setting this already is ticked.
Is there anything I can do to fix this for every user?
This error could happen because of numerous of reasons. For example:
The server certificate (or at least one of the certificates in the chain of trust) is not among the trusted certificates that the browser/system maintains (maybe an outdated list?). Try to update the browser/system.
The date/time on the system is not configured correctly.
The connection is being intercepted (by an attacker?) and the certificate is manipulated, hence the SSL connection handshake process could not complete.
Your connection is not private error appears on websites using the SSL / HTTPs protocol when a browser is unable to validate the SSL certificate issued by the website.
Basically, any website using SSL / HTTPs protocol sends a security certificate information to users browsers upon each visit. Browsers then try to validate the certificate using the public key accompanying the certificate.
If it checks out, then users browser encrypts the data using the private key sent by your website. This encryption secures the data transfer between a user’s browser and your website.
I have checked it accross 3 different connections and they all worked just fine.
I believe the problem could be from the users. They may need to clear their cache, check if their clock is set correctly, their antivirus could be stopping it. And their browsers may be outdated.
What I will advice is just ( They could check to verify if this is an issue from the server or not.
But from what am looking at, this may be an issue with the user's device.
Also here are a few links you could refer and see if all settings on your own part are rightly set;
I hope this helps. Let me know!
If you are using a school/college wifi, most probably someone has your credentials and he/she is using it at the same time as you so basically when he/she is using the web you'll get this message, you should probably change your password or switch on VPN.
If the WiFi/other network used to access the website in question is a school or public network, some 3rd-party software used by it's administrator might be trying to prevent or override the connection to your website.
That might happen in order to display an error message (e.g. "Website access prohibited"), a captive portal (network login window), or just to watch the data being sent around.
Since you're using HTTPS it was prevented when the certificate check failed, because with HTTPS in place that software has no way of presenting it's own page or eavesdropping, other than creating it's own certificate with your website name in it on the fly. Which, of course, was rejected by the browser, since either the user didn't expect it, or, if it's indeed a school/company network, the PC wasn't properly enrolled for use on the said network.
Either way, there is no problem with your webpage itself. Because Github manages the server for your Pages, chances you could create something causing that problem yourself are pretty much zero.
Sometimes it happens because of the wrong IP/DNS settings. Checking the below places might help resolve the issue:
Make sure you are using a common public DNS server. How to check the DNS server you are using depends on your operating system. Moreover, if you are using a VPN client and it has a DNS configuration, check that setting too.
Check if there is an IP address associated with GitHub in the system's hosts file. In Linux and macOS you may use sudo vi /etc/hosts. If there is one, turn that line into a comment by adding # at the beginning of the line. Save, exit, and check if you see that error again. Do step 3 only if you are still getting the same error.
Go to, search for, and add its IP address at the bottom of /etc/hosts file like this example:
Hope this helps.

Redirect my weebly site to my heroku app

I recently acquired a domain while buying a logo and some business cards through I took this opportunity to claim the domain that I want to use for my rails app on heroku (Was this a mistake?).
Currently I seem to be required to use Weebly to edit the site for this new domain (But I'm thinking about transferring the domain to my GoDaddy account for simplicity. Is this a good idea?) I'm trying to route the simple domain to my rails app. In other words, I want users to be able to type and get routed to I haven't been able to find a way to do this through Weebly.
I also have access to DNS and nameserver settings, such as imap and pop, through This seems like it might be a way to change the routing, but I'm realizing that I'm unschooled in the realm of domains and DNS.
I'd suggest you go through the the process of moving your domain registrar from logomaker to your goDaddy account, were you can keep an eye on this domain along side any other domains you've there. It's a tedious process but worth it in my opinion. However, it's optional since you have all the control you need to do that via logomaker.
The heroku docs mentions (found here) how you can point your own custom domain to your heroku app subdomain. Keep in mind that you will need to verify your account and your ownership of the domain.
You will also find some useful troubleshooting steps here.

Legacy Google Apps Changing Domain Alias to Primary Domain

I have signed up earlier for the google apps account which is now called as legacy and the primary domain has got expired. I am trying to bootstrap a startup ourselves and thought of using this legacy account. below are the steps I tried so see if I can change the primary domain. let me know if anyone of you know about any existing solutions.
No option to add a secondary domain because its a legacy account. Google removed the option.
Added our new domain as a domain alias.
Went through the GAM tool, Admin SDK.
There are couple of options which I could think off to achieve this.
Upgrade the google legacy account to a 30 day trial account and get the option to add a secondary domain and then make the primary domain change and downgrade. However, from what I have read in the internet, there is a risk where when I downgrade there would be only 1 license to use. here is a website telling me they have a script to run and make these changes and asking for 30 dollars. This is another option that I came across.
I know it a sounds a bit crude but I am just trying to use a freebie till we get a funding for the startup :) Let me know if anyone of you have any solutions.
If you do the free trial, you will gain the ability to add a domain rather than a domain alias. However, you will not be able to downgrade back to legacy free until you remove the domain. (I tried this on an account I was willing to lose).
For your purposes I think you could get away with using the domain alias. Your users will need to sign in under the old primary domain name but your users can configure your domain alias as the default outgoing email address under settings/Accounts/Send mail as.

Prosody: Migrate users from old to new domain

I'm running a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server. This server is only accessible within our network. There I was running a Prosody server. When a user registered the user name had following configuration: username#server-ip.
Now, our admins changed a lot in our network and this server got a new IP address and the old address does not exist anymore. The result was that users could not login anymore. After I adjusted all server changes within prosody.cfg.lua there are no users for the new host. Is there a way to change the domain for all users to username#new-server-ip? Or maybe another possibility to import all users?
The last solution would be to have everyone register again, but I would like to avoid that.
I have worked with Jabbered2/openfire/Tigase. First please check with username#new-server-ip. In case of change in server ip all you need to do is change ip at the time of login ( with same previous password)
In worst case ( if prosody didn't support it) you still don't need to register all users again ( because that is bad thing to do). In this case you might need to update stuff in you database user table.
Let me know about whether username#new-server-ip works or not?

How to block a server by domain name from attacking a website

I'm having trouble with another website stealing all my blog content. I know that happens all the time, but this new attack is taking down my server.
Looking at my access logs I see he is hitting me from multiple IP address. I can't block them all. Wondering how to block by domain name.
I have full access to my server so I would like to block with iptables, but not sure that is possible.
Also, how do I shut them down, it's a private registration with godaddy. I called them but no help at all.
probably belongs on, BUT in code, you could do a quick IP hash map that keeps a running count of visits by IP in the last 10 minutes, then 404's if there are over X number of them. You could then log out the IP's that you are 404ing to, and dump them into iptables to block.