Third party Facebook login to authenticate not working - facebook

I am not a frequent user of Facebook but the current issue I am faced with is logging into my game which is connected using Facebook. I generally face no problems getting into the game without any further questions on authentication, but today I found that I was disconnected from the game, unlinked to any sources. So I tried to log into my account by authenticating it through Facebook. (I am still logged in on Facebook, have no suspensions or bans) When the game forwards me to the Facebook app, this constant message pops up at the top saying:
App not active: This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated.
I am very confused, and this poses as a major concern for me as I cannot lose this account. I went to the settings of Facebook as well under Apps and Websites, and the game remains active showing me when I added it and if I would like to remove/unlink it, which I will not be doing. I don’t know how to use Facebook for developers either, if that is something that is involved. I have made an account though.
I already tried searching up solutions for hours, youtube videos, restarting and on/offs


What happens when a user removes my app from Facebook via the "Apps and websites" settings and tries to reconnect in my app?

So I've seen many related questions but they all date from years ago (Facebook SDK changes constantly) and mine is more specific.
I'm building a web app which requires authentication and Facebook API is one of its auth solutions and I'm trying to catch some scenarios. So as I asked earlier, what happens when someone removes my app from Facebook via the "Apps and websites" settings and tries to reconnect in my app ?
It might seem obvious to some that the user wouldn't get logged in because as far as I know in 2021, FB SDK uses an app specific ID for each user which gets generated when logging in for the first time and is useless when the user removes the app from his settings because there's no more mapping between the ID and the user.
But I've experienced in an app that I used (ometv kinda similar to omegle) that they log you in even after you delete them from the Facebook settings.
Thanks for considering my question.
EDIT: This is the edge case that I'm referring to from facebook dev
Someone removes your app from Facebook via app settings and revisits your app. Your app should detect this and prompt the person
to log back in. Go to your app and tap on the "Log in with Facebook”
button Tap OK to accept the read permissions (and OK again to accept
write permissions where applicable) Go to app settings on Facebook and
remove your app Repeat steps 1-2 and verify that Facebook Login works
A more specific question that I might ask would be whether or not a user can bypass this behavior ?

Facebook Login Error iOS Application

My iOS application allows me to login using my own facebook account successfully. But when I send it on test flight to a friend, the app downloads but when he presses connect to Facebook (which works on my simulator and personal device), it won't let him log in. Doesn't even give him the option to, just spits out an error (com.facebook.sdk error 2). What am I missing? What would cause it to work for me, but not for others? I'm just looking for a general answer here because I followed all the facebook tutorials and I can't imagine what kind of thing could be going wrong.
I just figured out the problem. Should have been SUPER obvious, but being new to development I didn't realize I needed to change the sandbox setting to disabled in order to allow others to access facebook through my app.
This error pops up when your app is not authenticated properly.
You need to keep your BundleId the same at all places.
Change your bundleId in the app that you have registered on Facebook as com.asdad.casd instead of < teamId >.com.asdad.casd

Facebook Suspicious Login work around from iPad

I am not sure if anyone has ran into the problem but it is really bugging me and affecting our uploading from our iPad to facebook.
I have a local server running XAMMP with a gallery of images displayed via a local web page. These images are from our Photobooths and automatically get added into the gallery when a photo is taken in the booth.
These can then be accessed on the local network via the iPad. Users can then login to facebook and share this images.
Because this is a shared iPad being used by multiple users, is there any way of getting users to login without having to answer security questions?? It used to be fine but now Facebook says the login is suspicious as it does to recognise the device.
I have created an App to post the photos to facebook through the Facebook Development site and it works perfectly from my account and many users, but some seem to get the suspicious login attempt and have to identify friends and date of birth etc.
Is there a correct way to do this?
Thank you Richard.
Is there a correct way to do this?
What you are experiencing is the “correct” way.
Facebook offers this as a security feature – a user can add his devices to his list of “known” devices, from which he will be able to login straight away, and have to answer additional security questions when logging in from a different, “unknown” device.
If users have this feature enabled, they should not be surprised by this happening in your scneario. It’s what they explicitly want, and they’re getting it.
So you should in no way try to mess with that, just because you might think this to be “uncool” or a “nuisance” – it’s not, it’s a feature offering extended security that the user wants and has explicitly chosen.

Stream stories are restricted for this application

I am getting the following error whilst publishing to Facebook via my iPhone application
Stream stories are restricted for this application.
And I am pretty sure i am not posting any thing to user's wall without notifying him first.Can any suggest what might have caused this issue?
Thank you for your support
This means that your application has lost its ability to publish to the users by Facebook. This is usually due to too many people reporting your application as spam or deleting your posts or revoking your application or other spam measures implemented by Facebook. To appeal to have your app reinstated, contact Facebook. Another option is to create another application but you may run into the same issue if you dont fix the root cause (people viewing your app as spam).

iOS and Facebook Graph API: Inconsistent authorize issues

I'm using the official FBConnect library for iOS and trying to get it working in my iPad app. Here's what's strange: when my friend logs in using the call to authorize:permissions:delegate, everything works fine: the dialog asks for his authorization to connect to Facebook, the fbDidLogin delegate method gets called, all is well.
However, when I try to login, the dialog never changes. The keyboard is dismissed, the password field is cleared and it just sits there. The issue is the same in both the simulator and on the device.
Here are the things I've checked and triple checked:
My login name and password are correct. If I do put in the wrong password, an "invalid username/password" message appears, and that isn't happening.
The application is not in sandbox mode.
The Application ID is correct (my friend can login without problems).
Some additional information:
Original application was created by my friend.
I created a second FB app and put in the new Application ID
My friend can login with the new Application ID
I can log in to neither.
This appears to suggest that there is something different about my friend's account, rather than the app itself.
We've been banging our heads together on this for a couple of days now. What could be causing this behaviour? Why isn't an error being generated?
Edit: It seems there are a lot of people affected by this, so in the interest of trying to find an answer, I've added a bounty.
There appears to be a server-side problem with Facebook logins as noted here:
People have said that if they change their password on Facebook they are subsequently able to log in using the Facebook-iOS-SDK downloaded from github. Obviously that is a poor long-term solution and would be unacceptable in an app released through the App Store. On the bright side, there seem to be reports of similar login problems logging in from apps on other platforms as well.
Update: Facebook has a bug filed on this subject that can be viewed here: